Embodied Social Justice
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Embodied Social Justice Certificate Program

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“We must sit in our bodies so much that we can no longer abide by the oppression that exists in societies.”


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Real Things
Real People Say

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"During this course, I felt a difference inside myself when interacting with people with different values/beliefs/intentions than myself. I felt more calm, less judgmental, and more centered. Overall, I felt more grounded and solid. Like I wasn't going to get blown over by the difficult emotions that can arise." 

- Cassandra K.

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"This has been the most foundational, impactful, and life affirming training I have every been able to be a part of. The community that was created was so rich, authentic, and filled with deep listening and learning. I am beyond grateful for the space that was offered."

- Keila M.

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"I feel braver and so much more capable of being my full self and bringing my authentic beliefs and ideas into my work towards embodied liberation. "

- Rita M.


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"My primary ah-ha this year was not so much about what to do, but how to be and that means the ongoing work is to practice bringing all of me, with me. When that hesitant pause of "how shall I respond?" arises, that's opportunity to presence my whole self." 

- Cheryl H.

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"What a transformative three months, to say the least!!!! I am eternally grateful for the support and guidance I have received from ESJ. All of the teachings I have learned (and unlearned) will resonate into the future of my community and my unborn grandchildren." 

- Pamela C.

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"I understood the terms beforehand, and could identify those behaviors sometimes but never felt it in my body before, or witnessed someone else slowing down and experiencing it. JUST WOW." 

- Michele R.

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"I wanted to share gratitude for the entire ESJ team for an incredible end to end experience. Each module gave deeper insight on the topic and so appreciate the range of topics, both going inward with our soma to outward with so many systems - medical, education, caste, parenting while holding the complexity of navigating it all. " 

- H.L. R.

2025 Sponsorship Opportunities

There is not better time than now to start planning for the next program and to support this critical work toward an Embodied Social Justice.

Select one of the options below to provide the resources and support necessary to enact tangible change in pursuit of equity, to challenge systemic barriers, and to foster inclusive environments where diverse perspectives thrive.

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This is NOT a summit. Go beyond conventional DEI to where bias and breakdown lives: in the body.

There is no other program like this in the world. 

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We have an extensive repository of invaluable content spanning two years, which we are diligently curating for custom, organization-specific programs.

If participating in the program is challenging or if you prefer a customized experience for your staff, grantees, or constituents, we can craft a bespoke, condensed program, rooted in Embodied Social Justice, tailored precisely to your needs.

The base rate for this customized service is $20,000.

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