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➕ Unlearning Whiteness 3-Day Bootcamp RECORDING for $97 (original prices $197)

One full year of access to this training designed for well-meaning white people who are ready to reckon with how white-bodied people implicated in the system of white supremacy and what it's going to take to detox our body/mind and heal our humanity. 

Deeply informative training for yourself or a loved one. Content designed for white-bodied and adjacent (people with experiences growing up in "white culture"). 

Facilitated by Kerri Kelly w/ drop-in guest Rev. angel. 

Originally recorded: Friday, March 24 - Sunday, March 26, 2023

NOTE: This content is strictly licensed for personal use only. It may not be used in any corporate/workplace/organizational settings whatsoever.

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What you'll get:

Leading-Edge Faculty & Innovative Design:

  • 20+ internationally known teachers, presenters and scholars working at the intersections of embodiment and social justice
  • More than 60 hours of experiential virtual learning
  • 25+ unique modules over four distinct learning areas
  • Access to Transformative Prorgam learning portal for all your content, resources, workbooks & links in one, easy-to-navigate location
  • Integration sessions: apply topics to your personal and professional life
  • NEW: "Night Watch" facilitated session re-casts 

Extensive Connection & Learning opportunities:

  • IMPROVED: Post-session breakouts for student engagement [optional]
  • IMPROVED: Facilitated "Collective Connections" Affinity + Full Group sessions  [optional]
  • EXPANDED: "Skin In The Game & Solidarity" pre-session training for White-Bodied Students
  • Get exposure across a wide variety of social backgrounds.
  • Develop real connections in participant-selected Community Engagement forums [optional]
  • Collaborate with fellow participants on final projects (or go solo if you must!)

Personal Deepening & Professional Advancement:

  • Go beyond conventional DEI training to get practicable, educational grounding.

Exceptional Pricing Value & Extended Resources:

  • BONUS: Full year access to professionally edited & sound remastered video to review sessions as needed ($1853 value)
  • BONUS: Fully searchable video transcript for you to access any point in the video by searching for words or terms. ($625 value) 

PLUS these Extras

  • BONUS: First Access to  ESJC 2021 & 2022 videos PLUS 50% Discount ($500-900 value)
  • BONUS: VIDEO: Harm vs. Hurt - w/ Rev. angel Kyodo williams & Resmaa Menakem ($127 value)
  • BONUS: VIDEO: The Embodiment Talk ($97 value)
  • BONUS: $100 discount on Practices of Belonging pre-course + 2023 re-recorded [Note: must purchase Belonging audio course] ($100 value)
  • BONUS: $100 Discount on ESJC Depth Track ($100 value)

    Total Value: $3402-$3802 

What People Are Saying:

My primary ah-ha this year was not so much about what to do, but how to be and that means the ongoing work is to practice bringing all of me, with me. When that hesitant pause of "how shall I respond?" arises, that's opportunity to presence my whole self.

— Cheryl H.

I feel braver and so much more capable of being my full self and bringing my authentic beliefs and ideas into my work towards embodied liberation.

— Rita M.

This has been the most foundational, impactful, and life-affirming training I have every been able to be a part of. The community that was created was so rich, authentic, and filled with deep listening and learning. I am beyond grateful for the space that was offered.

— Keila M.

I’m now deeply aware of how the dominant culture made me believe I had to run myself ragged to be of value. I’m in the process of reclaiming my relationships with my body, my space, my time and open space for others to join in this exploration. I’m also more aware than ever before of the intrinsic connection amongst all of us and how impoverishing this system of oppression is to all who are alive. I am super grateful for this container.

– Maria R.

It was a gift to be part of this circle with all of its genius, beauty and humannesses. I have been a courageous person in my live and this has given me more courage to engage and simultaneously supported me to settle into deeper rest through a healing time and in my life. There was a further dismantling if the chronic doing/striving/ going. Thank you. May the blessings of this work ripple out in profound and liberating ways!

– Dr. Jessica R.