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The End of Oppression Begins Here

Get "The Most Critical Education of These Times" for a window into stopping harm whre it lives: in the body.

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3-Month Online Program
April 1 - June 28, 2024

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“We must sit in our bodies so much that we can no longer abide by the oppression that exists in societies.”





The End of Oppression Begins Here

Get "The Most Critical Education of These Times."
that goes beyond intellectual DEI and ineffective workshops
to disrupt patterns of harm, bias, and breakdown in your body.

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Gain Insight

Open windows to a variety of views from a widely diverse faculty.

Rewire Patterns

Learn how harmful systems operate within you and real-world ways to stop them.

Heal Relationships

Start with yourself, then repair and rebuild connections from home to the collective.

4th Annual 


60-Hour Online Program

April 1 - June 28, 2024

Registration Open 

This is NOT a summit

Register for this one-of-a-kind, once per year, 3-month certificate program specifically curated and designed for people seriously committed to social justice and collective liberation.


There is simply no other program like this in the world. 

How It Works

1. Register

Sign up and get connected with a peer group to journey alongside of.

2. Engage

Access the vast resources from live sessions, replays and "Collective Connections." 

3. Breakthrough

Reclaim disconnected parts of yourself. End cycles of harm. Let the healing begin!

"We live in unprecedented times."

It can be difficult to know how to engage effectively and sustainably towards a more socially just world.

Without insight and structured, intentional work, we re-create the cycles and patterns of harm we've been raised within.

"But we don't have to navigate them alone."

Together we'll explore how a body-centered approach to can give us a window into unwanted patterns so we can unlearn oppressive social systems, and rebuild trust with ourselves and each other.

Meet Your 2024 Faculty

These internationally recognized leaders, practitioners, scholars and presenters bring to life a learning environment that spans topics ranging from race and resilience to building alliances across differences, from decolonizing the body to the relationship between personal healing and social action
Together, they comprise possibly the most diverse faculty body to address this emerging body of wisdom.
Rev. angel Kyodo williams

Rev. angel Kyodo Williams

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Staci K. Haines

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Resmaa Menakem

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Kerri Kelly

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Patrisse Cullors

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Dr. Angel Acosta

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gina Breedlove

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Rusia Mohiuddin

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Dr. Sará King

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Dr. Robin DiAngelo

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Dr. Samuel Leguizamon Grant

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Teresa Leguizamon Grant

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Dr. Ruby Gibson

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Thenmohzi Soundararajan

Placeholder Image

Michelle C. Johnson

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Dr. Sheila Patel

Placeholder Image

Faith Bynoe

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Lucien Demaris

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Kelsey Blackwell

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Manuela Mischke Reeds

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Susanna Barkataki

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More Announcements Coming Soon!

“Oppression spares no body.
Injustices are both systemic and intimate, taking root in the flesh.”


Program Content & Benefits

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The program follows a simple structure of 12 weeks of:
  • twice-weekly classes (Mondays & Wednesdays)
  • integrative learning conversations 
Completion of the journey is:
  • a collaborative creative "In The World" Project focused on real-world application of your experience to whatever area of your home, work or community life you choose.

Your registration includes access to:

Curated Leading-Edge Faculty

  • 20+ internationally known teachers, presenters and scholars working at the intersections of embodiment and social justice
  • Representation across race, gender, cultural heritage, economic backgrounds, life experience and more

 Innovative & Flexible Program Design

  • More than 60 hours of experiential virtual learning
  • 25+ unique modules over four distinct learning areas
  • Integration sessions designed to apply topics to your personal and professional life
  • Watch live sessions and replays as needed

Extensive Connection & Learning opportunities

  • IMPROVED: Post-session breakouts for student engagement [optional]
  • IMPROVED: Facilitated "Collective Connections" Affinity + Full Group sessions  [optional]
  • EXPANDED: "Skin In The Game & Solidarity" pre-session training for White-Bodied Students
  • Participant-selected Community forums [optional]
  • Opportunity to collaborate with fellow participants on final projects

 Resources & Support Materials

  • Easy-to use Learning platform houses all materials & resources in one place
  • Student Guide and handbook - digital + printable
  • Assessments to support information review & retention
  • Formatted text transcriptions
  • Searchable video transcriptions
  • UPGRADED Care Team presence in every session for support
  • UPGRADED: Office hours, including technical support

Professional Advancement & Recognition

  • Final Projects for applied learning & peer review
  • Qualification for "Deep Dive Depth Tracks" trainings post-program 
  • Beautiful Certificate of Completion upon fulfilling requirements


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Curriculum Structure

The curriculum walks participants through an arc of four aspects of embodiment:
  • start with a solid Foundation;
  • situate that learning within the Body;
  • see many possible Applications in society
  • finally Returning to Self where we must each do our own work.
In each phase students are invited to journey into:
  • deeper personal exploration
  • self-awareness
  • somatic opening and integration

NOTE: The 2024 module titles are in development. They will be shared at the first Info Session. Below is representative.

*All faculty shown above are CONFIRMED for 2024

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Who This Program Is Designed For


Social Workers



HR Professionals

Community  Organizers

Mindfulness Practitioners

Somatic Practitioners

Change Agents

Executive Directors, CEOs and Leaders of Diverse  Groups
Psychologists and  Therapists
Parents, Teachers and  Educators

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What People Say About
Embodied Social Justice Certificate

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"This has been the most foundational, impactful, and life affirming training I have every been able to be a part of. The community that was created was so rich, authentic, and filled with deep listening and learning. I am beyond grateful for the space that was offered."  
- Keila M.
'22 Cohort
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"During this course, I felt a difference inside myself when interacting with people with different values/beliefs/intentions than myself. I felt more calm, less judgmental, and more centered. Overall, I felt more grounded and solid. Like I wasn't going to get blown over by the difficult emotions that can arise."
- Cassandra K.
'23 Cohort
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"What a transformative three months, to say the least!!!! I am eternally grateful for the support and guidance I have received from ESJ. All of the teachings I have learned (and unlearned) will resonate into the future of my community and my unborn grandchildren."
- Pamela C.
'23 Cohort
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"I feel braver and so much more capable of being my full self and bringing my authentic beliefs and ideas into my work towards embodied liberation. "
- Rita M.
'22, '23 Cohorts
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"My primary ah-ha this year was not so much about what to do, but how to be and that means the ongoing work is to practice bringing all of me, with me. When that hesitant pause of "how shall I respond?" arises, that's opportunity to presence my whole self." 
- Cheryl H.
'22, '23 Cohorts
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"I wanted to share gratitude for the entire ESJ team for an incredible end to end experience. Each module gave deeper insight on the topic and so appreciate the range of topics, both going inward with our soma to outward with so many systems - medical, education, caste, parenting while holding the complexity of navigating it all." 
- H.L. R.
'23 Cohort
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"I understood the terms beforehand, and could identify those behaviors sometimes but never felt it in my body before, or witnessed someone else slowing down and experiencing it. JUST WOW.
- Michele R.
'23 Cohort

Bonuses for 2024

At the final live info session for this year's program, Rev. angel unleashed a barrage of special bonuses. She is activating these retroactively for all registrants, and everyone that registers before the countdown timer expires.

The intention is make your investment in the program even more valuable and make your decision a no-brainer so you can GET OFF THE FENCE & GET IN NOW -- these bonuses will disappear at any time after the clock counts down.


Total Value: $827-$1227       

    ALL these bonuses are yours when you register before the countdown timer expires.


Rebalancing Equitable Access Pricing Model



$48 per session
Instant community support

I have more than enough resources
and would like to contribute
to rebalancing inequity.

I'm Ready



$38 per session
Start with as low as $200

I have sufficient resources
and can offer a fair rate.


I'm Ready



$31 per session
Start with as low as $167

I am under-resourced
and would benefit
from community support.

I'm Ready

As You’re Able

Your Seat + Contribution

Pay for your seat + support additional participants and the development of the program.

I'm Ready

“If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor.”

— Archbishop Desmond Tutu

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2024 Live Program Schedule

If you are unable to attend live, all sessions will be recorded to watch in your own time.

  • Wednesday, March 27: 9am - 10:30am PT | 12pm – 1:30pm ET 
    • Skin in the Game + Solidarity - White-Bodied Training with Kerri Kelly and special guest Rev. angel Kyodo williams (attendance required either in-person or via video replay for those who identify as White)
  • Monday, April 1: 9am – 11am PT | 12noon - 2 pm ET
    • Orientation with Rev. angel
  • Wednesday, April 3 - Friday, June 28:  Weekly Classes & Sessions
    • LIVE SESSIONS: Mondays and Wednesdays:  9am- 11am PT | 12noon - 2pm ET
    • Additional Friday GestIntegration Sessions with Rev. angel: 9am- 11am PT | 12noon - 2pm ET (as scheduled)
  • Monday, July 1: Students begin working on Final Projects, office hours available upon request
  • Friday, July 19: Final Projects due by 8pm ET | 5pm PT
  • Monday, July 29 - Friday, August 2: "In The World" final project Presentations & Feedback
  • Summer: Virtual "In Your House" DANCE PARTY tba
  • Wednesday, August 7: Certificates of Completion issued 


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