Embodied Social Justice Institute

Summer Sesh

Open to anyone who committed is to collective liberation.
Monday, July 24 - Sunday, July 30 

Abolition is…

12 steps to changing yourself and the world through communication,
conflict-resolution, and capacity building.

  with Patrisse Cullors
Description of Program  

Abolition is a series of choices and practices. Throughout history, to stand with abolition has meant to move toward liberation by escaping and running for freedom, to hide people in your home, to intervene in the efforts of the slaver and slave catcher and in more recent years to develop an analysis of the through line from slavery to the prison-industrial complex.

Deeply personal choices can create a pattern of abolition. And in this moment, we are understanding, more deeply than ever, that each of us is called to the work of self and collective transformation for a future that abolition has helped create.

We can’t get where we need to go if we aren’t willing to be vulnerable, to make mistakes, to recognize inside of ourselves the capacity to misstep, to act in anger and reaction, to lose touch with our good intentions. And then—and this is the important part—to turn and face those missteps with humility and curiosity, allowing those difficult moments to become the skeletal structure for our integrity and dignity, for our political clarity. For healing and for accountability.

Why this, why now?

Burnout is real. The disposability of people and relationships inside our movements happens and is often not handled with much grace and kindness. Our training aims to break those cycles through aligning and prioritizing our values of integrity, dignity, and care. As a participant, you can expect to learn and practice new ways of thinking, reacting, and being in community.

Who benefits?

 Everyone benefits from abolition. Abolition encourages us to show up as our full selves, to meet each other where we are, and to harness our creativity and imaginations to transform ourselves and the world. That is our North Star. Implementing an abolitionist framework benefits all of us. 

Through this collective process we are aiming to assist in bridging the gap of theory and practice, through mistakes and missteps, with the goal of deeper connection and understanding.

Schedule of Program 

Over 6 days and 7 nights, gather with Patrisse in community live once per day with additional practices to try on throughout your day and evening.

Culminate your learning journey together on Sunday evening. 

  • Monday, July 24
    • Live Broadcast 12pm - 1:30pm ET | 9am - 10:30am PT 
  • Tuesday, July 25
    • Live Broadcast 12pm - 1:30pm ET | 9am - 10:30am PT 
  • Wednesday, July 26
    • Live Broadcast 12pm - 1:30pm ET | 9am - 10:30am PT 
  • Thursday, July 27
    • Live Broadcast 12pm - 1:30pm ET | 9am - 10:30am PT 
  • Friday, July 28
    • Live Broadcast 12pm - 1:30pm ET | 9am - 10:30am PT  
  • Saturday, July 29
    • Live Broadcast 12pm - 1:30pm ET | 9am - 10:30am PT  
  • Sunday, July 30
    • Live Broadcast 7pm - 8:30pm ET | 4pm - 5:30pm PT 
About your Facilitator

Patrisse Cullors is a New York Times bestselling author, educator, artist, and abolitionist from Los Angeles, CA. Her work has been featured at The Broad, The Geffen Contemporary at MOCA, Frieze LA, The Hammer Museum, and a host of theaters, galleries, and museums across the globe. Patrisse has won numerous awards for her art and activism. Her current work and practice is focusing on what she calls “Abolitionist Aesthetics,” a term she coined to help challenge artists and cultural workers to aestheticize abolition. Patrisse’s mission is to invite all of us to grow towards abolition through intergenerational healing work that centers love, collective care, and art.

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